AI & DeepTech
Sales Growth & Scalability Advisors

We are a hands-on operational consulting firm dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups, spin-offs, new ventures, technology transfer offices, and other stakeholders involved in the creation and success of Artificial Intelligence and other deep technology-based enterprises.

We provide curated strategic, tactical, and operational services for Go-To-Market, commercialization, business development, and sales. Our focus in on assisting highly innovative companies looking to market game-changing and cutting-edge technologies rooted in scientific research, advanced engineering, and robust innovation endeavours.

On-the-ground consulting and advisory firm for business development within deep technology

About us

DeepTech2Scale is an on-the-ground consulting and advisory firm specializing in sales and business development within the realm of deep technology.

We are passionate about selling intricate high-value solutions and want our Clients benefit from our personal commitment to achieving tangible sales results. We grasp the complexity and market opportunities of this type of businesses, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, quantum computing, biotech, nanotech… understanding the unique challenges and opportunities these companies face throughout their lifespan.

Our mission is to guide and support our clients until they achieve success. Our vision is to become an indispensable strategic and operational partner for our clients throughout their journey. Our goal is to deliver professional services based on expertise and experience assisting our clients in establishing, growing, and achieving scalability.


Our services are provided by seasoned experts, well-versed in supporting companies with advanced and complex technologies. We excel in increasing sales, expanding operations, and enhancing scalability by leveraging our understanding of the challenges faced by these companies.

Our experienced professionals provide valuable insights, best practices, and tailor strategies to help clients overcome challenges and capitalize on market opportunities. As former founders of high-technology companies, we’ve successfully assisted numerous startups and companies at various stages of the business life cycle.

Our objective is to empower clients to boost sales revenues and enhance company value by providing operational support and guidance on business conception, implementation, customer identification, deal closure, and revenue generation.

Increasing sales, expanding operations, and enhancing scalability. Boost sales revenues and enhance company value Business conception, customer identification, deal closure, and revenue generation.
Strategic Support: Go-To-Market and Commercialization Tactical Support: Consulting on Scalability, Sales Tactics and Business Development Operational Support: Market penetration, Business Expansion, and Sales Operations Support
Strategic Support: Go-To-Market and Commercialization Tactical Support: Consulting on Scalability, Sales Tactics and Business Development Operational Support: Market penetration, Business Expansion, and Sales Operations Support

What we do

We offer the following bundle of connected services on a time-and-material basis, customized to align with the budget capacities of our clients. Our offer includes ongoing counsel and practical assistance aimed at achieving their scalability.

Strategic Support: Go-To-Market and Commercialization Strategy Advisory

  • Scalable business strategy
  • Go-To-Market strategy
  • Sales excellence and Sales Readiness

Tactical Support: Consulting on Scalability, Sales Tactics and Business Development

  • Value proposition
  • Business model
  • Offering & pricing
  • Business development
  • Sales tactics
  • Client success

Operational Support: Market penetration, Business Expansion, and Sales Operations Support

  • Operational marketing
  • Prospects reach-out and leads acquisition
  • Leads management and closing transactions
  • Sales operations management
  • Partnerships management

How we work

We deliver our services guided by a proprietary methodology developed through scientific and empirical research and complemented by extensive experience in projects involving new technology-based startups in an international environment.

Our methodology operates on three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational, employing various tools and work instruments to achieve objectives. The alignment of activities and actions across these levels is essential for overall business success.

We direct our efforts towards achieving tangible results, sticking to the principles of our methodology: impacting the incomes through an increase in both the quantity and quality of commercial transactions, and influencing the company’s value through the consolidation of recurring revenues, growth, and the enhancement of the customer and partner network engagement.

services guided by a proprietary methodology for startups and internationalization

Activity Track, Performance and Impact


years of activity


total projects delivered


estimated impact
(sales leads and opportunities created)

35 M

estimated impact
(business generated $)

185 M

estimated impact
(business value incremented $)

Number of projects per type of support


GoToMarket Strategy and Sales Management Support


Lead Generation and Sales Operations Support


GoToMarket Coaching


Speed Coaching

Number of projects per type of underlying technology

Countries origin of the clients

Clients & Testimonials


CIRPLUS (Germany)
AI Machine Learning

“Thank you so much for supporting us along the way and making the proposal definitely better”; “She briefed me about your input and spoke highly of you”


CYBRISC (Ireland)

“Many thanks for your support with this project”


ITC (Poland)
Digital Twins & Metaverse

“The sessions were fruitful for me and gave a chance to consider more deeply some aspects of our business”


AI Machine Learning

“I found your support incredibly helpful, as always”

“Your expert advice is highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your valuable comments”
(Innovation Manager)


K. FACTORY (Romania)

“I want to thank you again for coaching sessions. Thank you again for your help and for your effort”


AI Machine Learning / Bots

“Thank you for your precious advices”

“Thanks a lot for your help, it was very useful and we really appreciated your coaching sessions”
(external senior business consultant)


JENTIS (Austria)
Data Capture

“Special thanks also to the Coach who was of such great help”

“Many Thanks for your great commitment”

“We would be more than happy to recommend you”
(Innovation Manager)


JOBFUL (Romania)
Gaming Tech

“Thank you for your continuous support and expertise; you’re the first person we’d love to work with on the go to market strategy and execution”

“You are an amazing and a very effective coach – positive, enthusiastic, goal-oriented, very supportive and inspiring trust, many thanks for your entire support”
(external senior strategy consultant)


AI Machine Learning

“Thank you very much for your excellent coaching, it has been really useful for us”

DS Partners

AI Machine Learning & NLP

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable efforts and constructive advice. Our collaboration with you has been enlightening for us and the whole team and we look forward to working with you again in the near future”

“Thank you once again for your valuable support and insights; it has been a great learning experience for the team and will definitely assist us in driving the project further”

Miura Simulations

miura simulation
Simulation Tech

“Highly recommended sessions where the consultant brought his expertise and experience in the market to better define the orientation and market strategy”
(CSO and co-founder)


AI Machine Learning & NLP

“Thank you again for all your help!”


EXCALIBUR (Slovakia)

“Once again, I would like to thank you for all your help and contribution. I was always impressed by your professionalism and expertise, in fact several times you surprised me with a structured approach to problems. I previously understood as something that is purely a function of luck”

Open Cloud Factory

open cloud factory
Cybersecurity & IoT

“With your external support we’ve managed to grow OCF, and it has been a real pleasure to collaborate with you”


OCULAVIS (Germany)

“Thanks for the report and your great work! We are very satisfied about the outcome!”


D-CUBE (Greece)
AI Machine Learning / Computer Vision

“Of course we could meet to debrief and maybe explore new collaboration opportunities”


LINQ (Spain)
Applied physics

“Thank you very much for your valuable insights and for your report. It was a pleasure for us to receive your advice and we will follow it in our activity. I can only express our satisfaction for the quality of your job and our agreement in that all the activities were successfully carried out”


AI Machine Learning / Symbolic AI

“I appreciate every contribution you’ve made, and there have been many during this series of sessions!”

Aerospace Valley

aerospace valley
Innovation ecosystem

“I take the opportunity of this mail to thank you for all the good work done”
(Program Manager)

“I would like to say thank you all for your strong involvement and for the high quality of the coaching sessions”
(Project Manager)

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

fondaziona giacomo brodolini
Innovation ecosystem

“Many thanks for your job and professionality!”
(Project Manager)

“Thank you for your collaboration! It was a pleasure working with you”
(Project Manager)

EIT Manufacturing

Innovation ecosystem

“Thank you very much for the support”
(Business Development Manager)

Robo Valley

ROBOVALLEY (The Netherlands)
Innovation ecosystem

“Thank you for the coaching services!”
(Project Manager)

“Thank you for your help during the project and the great coaching I received!”
(Project Manager)

“Thank you for the great service that you and your team provide!
(Project Manager)

Success Cases

Strategic sales and market penetration
Business coaching and training on GoToMarket, sales and corporate development for startups
Business model fit
scalable business model, commercialization, GoToMarket, sales and business development
commercialization strategy for startup scalability
Tactical and operational support to develop indirect channel sales by engaging commercial partners as distributors for computer vision spinoff
Sales operational support and business development with large international corporations for augmented reality startup
Business expansion with strategy and tactic business development for Cybersecurity scaleup
Product vendor through business and commercialization strategy and sales operations

News and Posts

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