Business expansion with strategy and tactic business development for Cybersecurity scaleup

open cloud factory industrial cybersecurity Business expansion enabled by launching a new business line to tackle the industrial market along with strategy and tactic consulting and business development operational support for a Cybersecurity scaleup.

Cybersecurity scaleup, with several top-tier international clients, is actively involved in commercializing and implementing proprietary software, which is currently undergoing enrichment with AI algorithms. Additionally, the company offers engineering services. The primary objective of this tool is to secure the networks and technological infrastructures of large enterprises

The scaleup aims to formalize its strategy and business model as its growth has plateaued. Demonstrating scalability is crucial to attract investors and potential exit. The goal is to systematize market access, capitalizing on the heightened sensitivity and increased adoption of cybersecurity systems. Furthermore, the company seeks to complete the productization of its technology and establish a new business line targeting the industrial market.

The support service for the scaleup has been comprehensive, spanning almost two years and covering strategic, tactical, and operational areas. This collaboration has yielded highly satisfactory results, significantly impacting the company’s sales pipeline and investor valuation. It has also led to partnerships with major companies in the industrial sector. This success is attributed to meticulous strategic business and business model design, coupled with the execution of a series of business development activities and market penetration in the new sector, along with strengthening collaborations in the existing market segments.