Business model fit and ecosystem of stakeholders for spin-out.

aingura IIoT Consulting on designing the business model fit and defining the ecosystem of stakeholders for the scale-up phase of an industrial lab-sourced spin-out.

Spin-off company established by a leading automotive tier1 manufacturer seeking to diversify the traditional business by sponsoring and supporting new ventures focused on developing cutting-edge digital technologies. The new company has developed and patented an engineering system thanks to integrating industrial research results in artificial intelligence for overall production equipment optimization within a high-performance IIoT architecture. After successfully testing the breakthrough system in several carmakers factories, the new company needs to develop the business plan, business model, and commercial plan for initial launch and market penetration phase.

The consulting support provided to the spin-off includes strategic and tactical advice to effectively launch and position the new solution in the market. It involves creating a marketing and sales plan and undertaking a series of initiatives to engage with industries, partners and digital innovation ecosystems, with an fully international focus. The collaboration also extends to coordinating with external branding and communication teams and seeking synergies with the industrial parent corporation of the initiative.

The collaboration results in the design of multiple business model options and each corresponding strategic formulation for commercial purposes, based on the premise of four different scenarios of action by the initiative’s founding team (from tech transfer to ambitious scaling up model). Additionally, the business project is accompanied during an initial period in operations involving interactions with scientific and technological partners, digital manufacturing solution integrators, and potential end customers, in order to set the fundamentals for the next steps.