scalable business model, commercialization, GoToMarket, sales and business development

developair Delivering advisory services on scalable business model and providing comprehensive business and strategy consulting for commercialization and GoToMarket, complemented by ongoing support in sales and business development operations for a smart industry and digital tech startup.

Startup founded by an engineering manager expert in the development of critical software for the railway industry. The business initiative stemmed from the founder’s insightful recognition of an opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence for substantial improvements in cyber physical systems development processes.

The startup has developed a symbolic AI-based software tool that enables manufacturers of embedded and critical systems to significantly optimize software verification and validations activities, resulting in substantial savings in effort, expenses and enhancement of the final system. Several contracts with industries serving as early adopters have been signed. For the next growth stage, the startup needs a strategic plan, the business model, the marketing plan to communicate the innovation to the market, and an operational commercial plan to expand the customer base internationally and establish the sales organization.

The collaboration takes place within a comprehensive scope, encompassing strategic, tactical, and operational aspects. Starting with the elaboration of the strategic plan thanks to a thorough market study and competitive analysis and following with the conceptualization of a scalable business model tailored to the human and financial capacities of the startup. Additionally, the Go-To-Market plan is developed, covering all aspects of business development, operational marketing, and sales operations. The collaboration also includes ongoing support in implementing the plan and exploiting the commercial model to identify potential clients and negotiate the supply of technology with active participation in daily commercial activities.

The collaboration’s outcome is highly satisfactory, as the strategic plan and business model are operational. Numerous meetings with prospects have been successfully arranged, and negotiations for the supply of the tool have commenced. In addition to having a strategic plan and a scalable model, the startup is building a robust pipeline of business opportunities and has defined its sales playbook in detail.