commercialization strategy for startup scalability

linq Providing advisory on business and commercialization strategy to delineate the optimal success case for several technology-based business lines, identifying and elaborating on the key conditions for scalability for an applied physics and digital industry startup.

Recently established but robust startup founded by several experienced professionals in the automotive industry aiming at assisting OEMs and Tier1 transportation manufacturers by supplying innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence and applied physics. The objective of the technology solutions is to eliminate manufacturing defects through advanced inspection processes and intelligent automation.

The startup needs to design the business model to guarantee initial sustainability and future scalability and identify the key aspects of operating two independent business lines—one focused on developing proprietary technology and the other on exploiting technology shared with an associated research center thanks to cooperative research. Both business lines require independent financial and specific human resources, therefore a viable cross-selling or prioritization model needs to be defined.

The collaboration focuses on the strategic and tactical levels, analyzing the key elements of the company’s foundation, the intellectual and technological assets, scientific and commercial partnerships, and delving into the market environment and existing competition. A strategic report is prepared, relating Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and Market Readiness Level (MRL) for each product line and scalability requirements in each case, along with an assessment of the existing business opportunity and main barriers to overcome. A recommended action plan is designed to ensure the success and scalability of the startup, detailing the main activities for international market penetration.