Business coaching and training on GoToMarket, sales and corporate development for startups

gazelle accelerator Rendering business coaching and training services on GoToMarket, sales and corporate development matters to a diverse broad set of advanced manufacturing startups.

Innovation ecosystem Institution operating at European level is mandated by the European Commission to design and operate a regular bi-yearly program to support promising startups and scaleups on advanced manufacturing to improve their corporate development skills and competencies. The Institution implemented a program, Gazelle Accelerator, whose goal is to identify European based deep-tech ventures in different technology and business readiness maturity levels and engage them to attend training and coaching sessions on access to market matters in order to speed up their growth and increase their success likelihood.

The Institution asked the experts to design and execute the training and coaching sessions covering various aspects of the startups and scaleups world: refining the sales pitch deck, advising on how to engage corporates, designing lead generation campaigns, drafting the offering and pricing model, elaborating the value proposition, drafting the battle cards to push the competition away, identifying the key factors to develop successful partnerships, listing the key section of the sales playbook…. All these topics and many others within the Sales and GoToMarket field were delivered to a set of companies during 6 consecutive editions. The startups and scaleups enjoyed face-to-face coaching sessions plus a final report on basic recommendations to improve their businesses.

This collaboration was exceptionally successful, benefiting over 150 companies and providing them with valuable knowledge for tactical and operational sales and business development activities. As a result, these companies were better equipped to engage with prospects, partners, and investors along their journeys.