Strategic sales and market penetration

miura simulation Providing business coaching and tactical advisory for strategic sales and market penetration to a smart industry 4.0 university spin-off.

Startup founded by a team of researchers and industry professionals affiliated with a technical engineering university in France. The startup has developed an innovative digital simulation tool for products and processes targeting manufacturers of industrial equipment and products. This tool aims to optimize the engineering and product design process, leading to time and cost savings in design and development, and ultimately enhancing the final quality of the projected product.

As the startup initiates its market operations by engaging with potential clients and committing to delivering the solution in Beta format, it also enters discussions with industrial groups to complete the development of its tool. In this operational framework, the startup requires strategic and tactical support in GoToMarket and commercialization to ensure successful initial marketing and sales operations activities and secure quick commercial wins. The collaboration, therefore, focuses on strategic and tactical support at the commercial level, reviewing and refining key aspects of the strategic plan, business model, value proposition, market segmentation, identification of key individuals, portfolio specification, pricing strategy, penetration tactics, access methods to decision-makers, and suitable event planning. Additionally, support in specific operations related to the acquisition and sale of the tool with potential clients is delivered.

The outcome of the collaboration is highly successful, as all listed aspects are effectively addressed, the startup adjusts its work plans for market success, and the founding team significantly improves its knowledge on how to increase its pipeline and close its first sales.